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Phoenix Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services

In Phoenix, Arizona, air conditioning units run more often than not and can become less and less effective at blowing cold air over time. That is why Penguin Air & Home Services specializes in keeping your Phoenix Air Conditioning System Tuned-Up. It is important for your units efficiency and the lifespan of the unit to make sure it is in proper working order.

If your Phoenix home has an older Air Conditioning unit, it may be due for a tune-up. If your heating and cooling system is not performing as expected it may be that your system just needs an Air Conditioning Tune Up. An Air Conditioner Tune Up consists of having one of our trained and certified technicians inspect your A/C unit.  We will respond quickly and inspect your Air Conditioning Unit in a timely fashion. We want to make sure we provide you the very best air conditioning tune up services valley wide.

We also offer a Maintenance Plan to extend your tune-ups over an extended period of time to keep your Phoenix air conditioning system functioning properly and efficiently.

Air Conditioning Inspection Process

  • 1. Inspect fan blade
  • 2. Inspect contactor
  • 3. Tighten electrical connections
  • 4. Inspect and oil outdoor motor
  • 5. Inspect wiring condition
  • 6. Inspect condenser coil
  • 7. Hose off condenser coil
  • 8. Inspect fuses
  • 9. Inspect fuse disconnect
  • 10. Inspect duct seal
  • 11. Test compressor capacitor
  • 12. Test condenser fan capacitor
  • 13. Inspect Schrader Valve
  • 14. Check freon levels
  • 15. Inspect vibration isolation pads
  • 16. Inspect check valves
  • 17. Inspect reversing valve solenoid
  • 18. Inspect relay
  • 19. Inspect air handler
  • 20. Inspect static pressure
  • 21. Inspect thermostat
  • 22. Inspect and oil indoor motor
  • 23. Inspect blower squirrel cage
  • 24. Inspect evaporator coil
  • 25. Inspect air filter
  • 26. Secure panel doors
  • 27. Inspect duct work
  • 28. Inspect stand
  • 29. Inspect elbow
  • 30. Inspect return grill
  • 31. Inspect main supply size
  • 32. Inspect condensation drainage
  • 33. Measure outdoor temperature
  • 34. Test temperature split
  • 35. Compressor amp draw
  • 36. Outdoor motor amp draw
  • 37. Indoor motor amp draw
  • 38. Test superheat
  • 39. Test sub-cooling
  • 40. Furnace hanging structure

The Penguin Air & Home Services Guarantee:

  • Quality Air Conditioner Tune Up Services
  • Care and Respect for you and your home
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Drug Free Technicians
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Satisfaction Guarantee

The service you receive doesn’t end when we finish your tune up. A home comfort specialist will contact you to ensure you were completely satisfied with your Air Conditioning Tune Up Services. You will receive a Penguin Care packet that contains your warranty certificates, a summary of the Penguin Guarantee, your final invoice, and a thank you gift for choosing Penguin Air & Home Services.

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